External Global pressures have led to the whopping rise in gas and oil prices in the country in the last 5 months, despite the waiver of a 17% tax by the government aimed at encouraging dealers in Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), to reduce the cost of their services to the end-user which in turn would increase the demand for the gas, especially in homesteads. LPG refill prices continued to be high. This has now been accelerated by the war between Ukraine and Russia, who are among the world’s producers.

According to the revised National Energy Policy, the use of inefficient cooking devices combined with unsuitable cooking spaces is responsible for 8.2 percent of infant deaths in Uganda.

“This is due to exposure to indoor air pollution (IAP) resulting from use of unclean inefficient fuels, predominantly charcoal and fuelwood,” says the policy.

However, according to dealers, there are about 1 million active LPG units in households around the country, just about the same as it was before the waiver of VAT.

The question is, shall we be able to answer the above challenges with the Current fluctuations, there is a variation in refill prices as listed below

A 3kg Total Cylinder refill cost was 25,000 UGX  and is now at 35,000 UGX, 6kg was 47,000 UGX and now selling for 55,000 UGX, 12.5Kg is now at 138,000 Ugx . Similar for Shell on the 6Kg refill.

Stabex 12Kg refill escalated from 82,000 UGX to 90,000 UGX, 6Kg to now selling for 55,000 Ugx the same applies for K gas of Rubis energy across various dealers.

Below are some of the tips you can implement to efficiently use energy.

  1. Purchase in larger volumes, this safeguards you against future prices changes
  2. Use Sparingly, following these 4Ws.
  • When to cook, Choose to Prepare all your meals at once.
  • How to cook, a case of ‘’chapati’’ makers, fry more than chapati at ago while using a larger frying pan or one over the other, this will allows you save energy.
  • Who to cook, don’t allow children or amateurs/ new employes as this will lead to loss of more energy due to lack of experience.
  • When to Buy, choose to buy when there are running sales promotions as this will allow you to acquire the product at affordable prices.
  1. Choose Licensed Legal dealers or distributors to acquire quality and authentic LPG weights
  2. Supervise, monitor the usage of the cylinders by others

Press Release on LPG

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