Rolex Festival

Rolex Festival

Rolex Festival is a Culinary exhibition aimed at promoting Rolex as the National meal Identifier for Uganda. Rolex refers to an omelet rolled with chapati (flatbread). Rolex has been developed to accommodate it with ethnic staple meals and international cuisines. Uganda is home to 52 tribes and 6 indigenous groups, Rolex carries the same name across all these ethnic groups with no ethical attachments for any group to feel left out. Different global destinations are known for their meals. In Uganda, we don’t wear a Rolex, we eat it

 ”Where I come from, a ROLEX doesn’t tell time”

Culinary Tourism

Culinary Tourism is the travel for the taste of place in order to have a sense of place, Uganda is home to 52 tribes and 6 indigenous groups so choosing a single meal that signatures the country without any ethnic background and attachment is a travel to the moon and back.
However, ROLEX( flatbread rolled with omelet), not the watch!! is the only meal that carries the same name across all the different ethnic walks of the country with no tribal attachment to it. Therefore, prompting us into a popular food celebration debuted ROLEX FESTIVAL that has been in existence since 2016 growing from just a regional event to a National celebration reflecting on the country’s tourism calendar.

The event’s maiden showcase was Sunday 21st August 2016 and held at the Uganda Museum grounds for three consecutive years before moving to Lugogo Cricket Oval, Uganda’s second biggest stadium in 2019. During the same year, Rolex Festival returned ‘’home’’ to entertain the eastern Ugandan revelers at Dam waters, Jinja in the debuted ”Coming Home” edition. Eastern Uganda is stereotyped and known for making the best Rolex recipes in the country this is because the earlier Arab settlers in Uganda benched in the region coming from the coast of Kenya as a link to East Africa, Arabs are known for making the best flatbread.

In 2020 when Covid 19 put the world at its weakest we held a virtual experience in August streaming 8 shows across our social media platforms as local popular figures tussled it out to make their favorite Rolex in 20 minutes competing against their spouses or children at home. Check the action via our YouTube channel here

In 2021, we held a ‘mini’ Rolex Festival debuted ‘’Rolex Feast at the International Sheraton garden hotel on the 30th May as we bounced back better to build confidence amongst travelers that Uganda is a safe home.

Rolex festival is essentially a food celebration that brings together revelers to taste various Rolex recipes incorporated with local and international recipes such as Chicken Rolex, Beef Rolex, Vegetable among so many others. There has also been value-added food processing amongst vendors that have made flour made out of sweet potatoes.

We have been powered by Coca-Cola, Uganda Tourism Board, Ministry of Tourism, Total, Africell, Galaxy FM, Kampala Capital City Authority among so many others. ‘’Where I come from a ROLEX doesn’t tell Time’’

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