Our Programs

Overview of our programs

We promote Uganda’s culinary tourism along the signature street meal ‘’Rolex’’ through festivals, ensure increase in hygienic meal making by use of modern kitchen wear, waste management and development, clean energy and financial inclusion through customised book keeping, loans, relief for street food vendors in Uganda.

Financial Inclusion

Or Rolex Fund, where we extend financial assistance to the vulnerable informal groups through soft loans, relief packages acquired from government agencies, development partners, and funders.


Seasoned skills training Programme to equip fast food street vendors with the necessary essential business skills and knowledge such as Hygienic Meal Making, proper waste management and value added food processing.

Culinary Tourism

Culinary tourism is the travel for the taste of place to have a sense of place, Uganda is home to 52 tribes and 6 indigenous groups so choosing a single meal that signatures the country without any ethnic background and attachment is a travel to the moon and back

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