Rolex Initiative, a youth-led social economic enterprise is collaborating with Brac Uganda to extend youth empowerment to more than 7,500 economically active boys, girls, and young women in Uganda under the Youth for Business entrepreneurship program. This project aims to increase the engagement of youth aged 18-35 years in dignified economic opportunities as well as increased employment.

The program will further aim at creating incubation centers for naturing and building resilient capacities for fast food street vendors, plus all those that are engaged in pastry activities. Earlier today,  Rolex Initiative met with the leadership of Brac Uganda headed by Mr. Mukasa Joseph the Grants Manager to further strengthen the ties in addition to masticating the collaborative goals between the two entities.

Details are to follow shortly…


From far-Left, Mukasa Joseph(Brac), Jonathan Nalebo, Enid Mirembe & Clare Zawedde(Rolex Initiative


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