Rolex Initiative launches mini Rolex Festival debuted Rolex Feast to promote culinary tourism.

They say if you don’t change,change changes you.The world was brought to its knees on the 31st of December 2019 when world health organization announced a global pandemic the noble corona virus that was identified in China leading to reactionary measures by governments to curb the spread .Uganda experienced her maiden lockdown in march 2019 as president directive.

SInce then, various sectors have been grappling leaving the tourism industry the most hit hard as the aviation went on hibernation.Tourism is estimated to lose more than 5billion Usd for the next coming years.
Like any other business Rolex Initaitive limited was not speard affecting one of its life style products- Rolex Festival but since innovation is part of our DNA, Rolex Initiative conducted a virtual Rolex festival last year that saw celebrities  showcase how to make a rolex at the comfort of their kitchens.
This year rolex initiative chose to launch mini rolex festival gatherings as the country builds back better after the effects of covid,this is geared towards promoting trust amongst travellers that Uganda is still the pearl of Africa and a hospital travel destination. Rolex feast series will be an only invite only food experiences with high observation of SOPS.
Take a look at what happened at the maiden Rolex feast that happened at Sheraton Kampala hotel on the 30th of MAY 2021.
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